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2020 - a very interesting, yet great year! Here's to 2021!

2020 will sure be a year to remember. Although our spring semester was cut short, recruitment was virtual, and we had to maintain social distance, our chapter flourished and overcome all these road blocks.

First, lets talk about our amazing 2020 Executive team. these ladies are the glue to our chapter and have had to change plans several times this year to ensure everyones safety. These ladies organization, willingness, and positivity was the foundation to our success this year! read that they have to say about their favorite parts of their position!

Pre Covid : we had our fire and ice date party with the men of Farmhouse! this was such a fun date party where sisters put on fire and ice attire! This date party went smoothly as planned and all of our members had a great time! It is always a pleasure to pair up with Farmhouse! Thanks for a great night!

State Day is one of the best events of the year! Every year, we get together with our ADPI Sisters from UCO! This special day is where we can gather as chapters and celebrate all of our achievements. This year, we traveled to Oklahoma City and visited UCO sorority house. Such a fun day! also, shout out to all of our individual award winners and our chapter awards!

COVID-19 did not stop this sisterhood! with our amazing leaders in our chapter, we were able to stay connected while in quarantine. With Netflix watch parties, AC zoom meetings, FaceTime, and social media platforms our chapter was able to keep building our strong bond!

Yay for Virtual Recruitment! The new way we did recruitment this year was such a success. This was one of the best recruitment AO has ever had! we are so proud of all of our members and our recruitment team!

BID DAY! our chapter welcomed 63 new members! we Love all of our new Alphas. They are amazing!

Sisterhood events are so fun! Shout out to our sisterhood chair, Halle Hannon, for her amazing job this year! she absolutely killed her position and worked to keep the bond of our chapter! read below her favorite part of being sisterhood chair!

SO SPECIAL! we initiated our alphas and they found their BIG! One of the best times of our sisterhood!

WE LOVE RMHC! our annual Pizookie Night happened this fall! we created a drive-thru at our Lodge Apartments and it was a huge success. We were able to raise $3,479 to help support RMHC!

One of the most fun times of the year! football in Stillwater is a huge deal! ADPI loves cheering on our Cowboys in the brightest orange! GO POKES!

We love getting involved on campus! here are just a few things we are involved in. there are many more just not captured!

HERE'S TO THE NEW YEAR! we are so excited to announce our New Exec team! These ladies were selected to lead our chapter and we could not be more proud! Heres to an amazing year full of new challenges and successes!

ADPI 2020 memories 11
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Here's the link to the newsletter too!


Lauren Flake

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