• Mackenzie Gallagher


Ever since I was little, I’ve always loved music. It was a part of me that I could never explain, and I was always drawn to instruments. Their ability to slow down the world, just for a second, for those to listen to the

melodic harmonies being played is one of their most sacred traits. I myself have learned to play a multitude of instruments including piano, marimba, vibraphone, steel-pans, hand drums, and my personal favorite - snare drum. I started learning to play percussion in 6th grade and I dove headfirst into a world of never-ending music. I learned snare solos, vibraphone solos, marimba solos, timpani solos, and even triangle solos if you can believe it. I went on to join drumline in high school, became the drumline and snare captain in 10th grade, and then moved to the senior high school. In 11th grade, I did numerous solos, ensembles, joined the steel pan band, and marched in the drumline again. During my senior year, I was a section leader in the steel pan band as well as my high school’s very first female drumline captain. I felt like I had accomplished everything I ever wanted, and through all of my drumming and music experiences, one thing never left me: the joy of performing. I knew I needed that joy in college, and I am now a member of the Oklahoma State University drumline. I love it so much, but its never as fun if you cannot share it with the people you care about. But this past weekend at the home game, a few of my ADPi sisters came to watch me perform in the drumline! Shoutout to Sydney Page and Samantha Stobbe for cheering me on while I

played my heart out. It was so great to be able to look out into the small crowd and see familiar faces. I’m so glad my sisters cared about me enough to come to something so important to me, even if they may or may not have been bored during a few parts of it. I’m forever grateful for the amazing girls I’ve met in ADPi, and to anyone wanting to come to watch the drumline, you’re ALWAYS welcome, and I hope I can share my passion for music with you! :)

- Kendall Guillory

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