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BE A LEADER: Chelsea's Story

Starting freshman year here at Oklahoma State was a time for new beginnings and a fresh start for me. I knew before starting college I wanted to be very involved and possibly find an organization or few that I could dive deep into and possibly hold a leadership position. Being a freshman, there were so many different things to become involved in on-campus and so many opportunities; here at Oklahoma State, there is a club or organization for just about anything you could think of. The ambition to be involved as leading me to the organizations that I have fallen completely in love with Alpha Delta Pi, Diamond Dolls, and the American Association of University Women.  

Going into these organizations with the goals and ambitions to become a leader was nerve wracking because I was so unsure if that was where I was going to find success and accomplishment within those goals. I remember applying to be a Diamond Doll my freshman year was beyond exciting and immediately I felt like this was my calling for leadership. Currently, as a junior, I am holding my second executive position as Vice President. Diamond Dolls is where some of my very best memories, hardest laughs, and my growth as a collegiate woman derive from. The older members within this organization always supported and pushed me to become a leader, they never let me go long without a reminder of how influential I would be in this organization. Previously I was our Director of Public Relations and Fundraising, which was an absolute blast. I worked on all of our marketing on social media outlets of all kinds, engaging with season ticket holders, fans, parents, and even potential new members. For fundraising, I planned all of our food benefit nights at many different local restaurants, including my personal favorite, the Garage, YUM! As Vice President currently, I have set many goals for Diamond Dolls as a whole and for our officer board individually. The biggest goal I have for Diamond Dolls is to give every member the same experiences of growth, unconditional love and support, and overall enjoyment that I have had these las three years. I could not be in the position or be the leader that I am today without the impact of members past, Diamond Dolls has given me more than a reason to continue serving, but also to make sure I leave a legacy of being a great and influential leader. 

Although Diamond Dolls has had my heart since day one, there has recently been another impactful leadership role added to my life. I am also currently serving as the Director of Marketing for the American Association of University Women, or AAUW, here at OSU. AAUW has been a women’s empowerment group since 1881 and since has molded and lead many acts towards the fight of fair pay, and economic opportunities for women. On our campus, we have a common goal to empower all women to be the bold and courageous leaders they aspire to be, especially within their future career paths. As the Director of Marketing, I advertise our meetings on campus kiosks and social media to get the attention of collegiate women who may feel underrepresented. We have many opportunities to come to a meeting and listen to influential and diverse women speak about their personal success throughout life’s challenges, and really empower women to look past the obvious and dream big. Our most recent meeting included the amazing Miss. Oklahoma, Addison Price. My goal as a leader within this organization is to keep it growing, keep empowering women, and keep searching for more ways to represent strong female leaders at OSU. 

Both of these organizations have helped mold me and push me to be the leader I am, but the support and courage I have to be a leader comes from my sisterhood within Alpha Delta Pi. I cannot take all of the credit for my service and leadership-driven heart. Alpha Delta Pi has been a very huge influence within my college career this far and has completely transformed me, for the absolute best. My sisters have never failed to push me to be a more positive, compassionate, and confident version of myself. Many of my sisters have pushed me to become a leader and given me affirmations of positivity and love to keep me grounded and driven within each of my positions. In both of my organizations I serve in, I see many of my sisters joining and stepping into the same leadership roles I once did; this is an indescribable feeling. These women are the reason keep pushing myself to be involved in every opportunity I can be and the reason why I wear my letters and organization’s names so proudly.

College is such a special time for so many individuals. It is a time to find yourself, find what you are passionate about, and find what makes your heart full of joy. For me, that is my leadership roles and involvement on campus. All of these opportunities have been more than something to put on my resume, they are the reason why I am the strong, confident, and fearless woman I am and have seen others become. Being a positive leader within an organization is not always easy but it is the most rewarding opportunity I could have ever asked for. My advice for anyone who feels as if they are being called to be involved and be a leader is, GO FOR IT! Emerge yourself in every positive opportunity that comes your way and say “YES!” to getting out of your comfort zone. 

-Chelsea Evans

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