• Mackenzie Gallagher


I recently graduated high school, more recent than most. My official graduation was the first weekend of August, due to a global pandemic. I quickly turned around one week later and moved to college to begin my rush process. Want to talk about transition, that is two major milestone events exactly one week apart. The transition comes with bumps in the road, heartache, and a lot of grace. I was very involved in high school and involvement in clubs, volunteering and my community has always made me feel at home and more connected to my environment. As an effort to help myself adjusted I began applying to certain organizations within greek life and the community. This process included an application and interview process. Lots of good practice for the real world! As of recent, I was accepted to Junior Greek Life! Wahoo! This organization teaches others to grow in their leadership skills for the betterment of Greek Life at Oklahoma State University. I am thrilled to begin this journey and to represent the sisters of Alpha Delta Pi along the way!

- Libby Collison

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