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Updated: Apr 13, 2020

In May 2019, the house that we have known and loved for 98 years was torn down. As we are sad to see it go, we remember all the great times and laughs we enjoyed in 1309. We are excited about the new ADPalace that our chapter members will get live in and make many more memories. We plan to move into the new chapter house in January 2021. With the expansion of the house, there are 108 beds that must be filled instead of 50-60. We are excited that more of our sisters get to experience in the house.

I got to experience the old house when I was a freshman before it got torn down. As I did not move in, I spent most of my days and nights there doing homework on the couch, eating lunch and dinner with sisters, or just hanging out. My favorite part of the house, was when I would sit on the couch for hours on end and sisters would always come up and say hi or sit down and have a conversation with me. By spending a lot of my free time at the house, is where I met the most people and had a lot of fun. My advice to incoming freshman is to spend time at the chapter house to get to know older members. I miss the house every day, but I am looking forward to the new memories we get to make in the new and improved house!! Here are some more of our sweet sisters in- house experiences: Rachel Nogalski, Junior: "My favorite memory in the old house was having our last recruitment there. It was my sophomore year and I was still getting to know people. Our the course of spirit week and recruitment I made friendships that are going to last a lifetime. Nothing brings people together like the pure exhaustion that is recruitment! I was able to spend a lot of uninterrupted time with my sisters and that was probably one of the best experiences of my life." Audrey Self, Junior: "Although I only spent 2 semesters living in the house, I have many memories that I will cherish for many years to come, but most of all, I will always appreciate the time I spent with members, old and new, in the dining room doing homework. Although I rarely got anything done surrounded by my sisters, I felt at home and welcomed by them. Whether they were quietly studying for a test or leisurely doing everyday homework tasks, every one of them greeted others with a warm smile and a kind hello. Study hall in the dining room was a great opportunity to hear about people’s academic and professional dreams or simply what their day had been like, you could watch a talented sister work on a paint project or someone tirelessly studying away for that one important test. It is these opportunities that I miss most about 1309. Because although I miss being next door to so many of my sisters, I truly miss living and growing with them inside the same four walls in which countless others have come and gone before us." Faith Carl, Senior: "My first year in adpi we had like 3 snow days and I still lived in the dorms but I just went over to adpi and hung out there all day and watched movies with my friends! I loved how even though I didn’t live there I could still go there and hang out with my sisters anytime!" Each and every member has a favorite memory from 1309! It is not the physical house structure that represents Alpha Omicron, but our strong and loving sisterhood.

-Mackenzie Gallagher


To see the beautiful new home, watch our 3-minute fly through video by clicking on the following link:

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