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We Love Our Advisors!

Updated: May 9, 2020

The month of April is Advisor Appreciation month. The ten amazing advisors that hold together our advisory board are a huge part of why AO is run so smoothly. From just waiting for updates from home or being on campus with us, they are always there. Alpha Omicron is what is today due to your dedication and love to Alpha Delta Pi. We are all thankful for you and happy to call you our sisters.

In honor of Advisor Appreciation Month, here are some of their favorite memories from their Delta memberships: Brandi Littlejohn: One of my favorite memories of many from the dark ages was getting my big. We had a string party in the house that took me all over the house. When I finally found her, I admit I was a bit dumbstruck as I had said maybe 2 words in passing to her before that moment, and only knew who she was because she was the Treasurer. Little did I know that our Alpha Education Chair, Dolly Cherian, was magical at making Diamond Sister matches. Laura was an amazing big, mentor, and dear friend and I adore her to this day and am so thankful we were matched! As for my favorite part of being an advisor, that is twofold. First and foremost, I love working with my Delta sisters! I love your creativity and spirit. The flip side to that is working with my Pi sisters, through volunteering I have met so many sisters from a different time at AO or from other chapters, yet we still have common bonds. This sisterhood is so much more than our time in college, it truly is a lifetime and what you make it. Emma Kelley and Hannah Scandy: We share a favorite memory from living in-house. Our favorite memory was when we would take the mattresses off of the beds and use them as slides down the stairs! Casady Bowman: My favorite memory was just hanging out and watching movies/ tv-shows all together! Katie Rose- Gorton: I have a few favorite memories. There was a rumor that the house was haunted one of the years I lived in (and I still believe it was... you can't convince me otherwise) and one girl woke people up by screaming in the middle of the night because her Taylor Swift poster fell off the wall in her sleep and she thought she saw a ghost. The next night, three other girls wanted to come to sleep in my room on the floor because they were afraid their room was haunted. Another favorite memory is, I remember staying up till about 3 or 4 helping the women in the skit get ready and help them learn their singing parts a little bit better. It was so stressful and fun. Recruitment was always the best for getting to know sisters you didn't have a chance to connect with before.

Advisory Board

Brandi Littlejohn- Executive Chapter Advisor

Emma Kelley- Member Development Advisor

Hannah Scandy- Academic Affairs Advisor

Casady Bowman- Philanthropy Advisor

Katie Rose- Gorton- Marketing Advisor

Rebecca Cole- Recruitment Advisor

Morgan Ross- Membership Experience Advisor

Barb Andrews- Finance Advisor

Dionna Cameron- Event Management Advisor

Emily McPherson- Sisterhood, Alumni Relations

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